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Hello and welcome to Man Cocks 4 U. Since I have a ready flow of gay porn I wanted another outlet where I could be free to post what I want. Likewise I invite everyone to come and post their favourite gay porn content right here. But please don't post illegal content.

Photos can be uploaded directly to the site. If you wish to post videos I suggest you upload them to RedGifs.com where you can make 1 min long clips. For something longer upload them to Vidble or post the direct MP4 link using the BB Code "Vids" (Let me know if you need help).

Feel free to make as many topics, posts, anything you want as this place is as much about what you want to see. You may even find I join you.

Any questions reach out to me direct and I will help you along the way. Now get you cock lubed up and get jerking!

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